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The main objective of sports massage is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Massage treatments are not just for the sports person; anyone can benefit from sports massage. This includes people in physically demanding jobs and those not quite so physically active. Tension can also build up from stress on the body; occupational, emotional and postural stresses can also produce many similar physical characteristics to sports injuries. Soft tissue techniques employed by sports massage therapists are effective in the management of both acute and chronic injuries.

a therapeutic multi-directional massage tool

The Massage Mitts are a therapeutic multi-directional massage tool to be worn on the hands; they have been designed for easy use to enhance sports massage and soft tissue mobilisation techniques. They may also be used as an aid for rehabilitation from allied health and sports massage professionals for more intensive and complex procedures.

Various sports massage techniques can increase the body’s own recovery processes, advancing the athlete’s ability to return to training and competition, and reducing the risk of injury. Regular sports massage can help your body relax, recover and regenerate to reduce your pain and restore function.

Sports massage tends to be deeper and more intense; it is based on the various elements of Swedish massage and often incorporates combinations of other techniques involving stretching, compression and mobilising the skin and superficial fascia. Treatments with the Massage Mitts on is more comfortable, effective and longer lasting than treatments with your hands alone.

Massage with the Mitts increases the stimulation of various receptors and physiological responses within the body. The whole hand can be used to complement the contours of the body improving the massage experience. Massage strokes may be performed fast, slow, light or deep and vary in duration, direction and intensity depending on the required effect. The massage can be relaxing or stimulating. Cross-fibre and circular movements can also help with the healing process by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation and by clearing harmful metabolic by-products which is vital in maintaining full pain-free range of movement.

What's happening while you are massaging?

While you are massaging, the nodules on the mitts oscillate over the skin and superficial fascia; this increases the body’s response to physiological mechanical stimuli and converts it into biochemical responses.

After using the Massage Mitts, even after just a couple of minutes you will feel instant changes to the quality of the tissue in the area that has been massaged; you will experience the tissue relaxing. This effect is not the ‘breaking down’ of adhesion, scar tissue or muscle knots, it is changes in tissue tone that are mediated by the lymphatic, nervous and fascial systems.

Massage with the Mitts will help reset altered tension patterns that accumulate in the body after trauma and repetitive movements from poor work, sport and postural habits. They are effective in the management of both acute and chronic injuries.

You can gently massage tender areas around joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments to reduce pain levels and increase flexibility to enhance function and reduce muscle fatigue, preparing you for optimal performance.

Benefits of Sports Massage


Sports massage can help your muscles relax, recover and regenerate to reduce your pain and restore function to your body. Promotes healing and flexibility by stimulating the body’s own physiological responses.

Physical Benefits – Using the Massage Mitts will effectively and more comfortably breakdown any muscle tightness, adhesions and fascial tension between the soft tissue layers.

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    Prevents and relieves soft tissue adhesions

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    Prepares muscles for training by increasing blood flow and tissue oxygenation

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    Post exercise, reduces recovery time and fatigue (delayed onset muscle soreness, DOMS)

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    Stimulates the healing process within the body

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    Increases sensory feedback

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    Increases blood and lymphatic circulation to clear harmful metabolic by-products

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    Reduces localised areas of pain from tight fascia and scar tissue

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    For rehabilitation to increase muscle flexibility and suppleness to improve tissue elasticity

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    Reduces muscle imbalance and enhances the body's biotensegrity

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    Increases active range of movements

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    For self-treating common musculoskeletal conditions to improve your performance

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    Improves the delivery of nutrients to your muscles for optimum performance

You can gain significant health and performance benefits from regular sports massage therapy. Sports massage helps athletes avoid or recover from sports-related injuries. Sports massage with the Mitts should be performed before and after a competition to prevent injuries and loss of mobility.

Physiological Benefits – Pain reduction and relaxation are the two main physiological benefits from massage therapy. A Sports Massage with the Mitts is an excellent way of relieving tension and tiredness, allowing the body to relax and stimulate the body’s own recovery process.

How to give sports massage


The Mitts are ergonomically designed to protect the therapist’s hands against fatigue and repetitive strain injuries.

How to use the Massage Mitts for Sports Massage:

  • Most sports massages are usually performed using a massage oil or lotion.

Before putting the Mitts on, cover your hands and the area of the body that is to be massage with the oil or lotion, your hands will then slide easily into the mitts.

N.B. Please note that the Massage Mitts must not be used with other silicone based products.

The Massage Mitts help reduce connective tissue densities faster and easier

The nodules on the Mitts oscillate over the skin and superficial fascia while you are massaging; this increases the body’s response to physiological mechanical stimuli and converts it into neurophysiological, biochemical and emotional responses.

After using the Massage Mitts, even just a couple of minutes, you will feel instant changes to the quality of the tissue in the area that has been massaged; you will feel the tissues relaxing and the tension melting away.

This effect is not the ‘breaking down’ of adhesion, scar tissue or muscle knots, this change in tissue tone is mediated by the nervous system and stimulation of the mechanoreceptors.

Massage Techniques

Usually when deeper massage techniques and pressure are applied during massage treatments, the individual may experience discomfort. Massaging with the Massage Mitts is a more comfortable experience; the results are more effective and longer lasting.

Gentle massage techniques with the Massage Mitts will stimulate the body’s own physiological responses to promote healing and flexibility by increasing lymph and circulation within the body.

Gentle massage will also help your muscles to relax, recover and regenerate to reduce your pain and restore function to your body.

You will be surprised how deep the slow movements with the Massage Mitts can penetrate into the fascia and connective tissue.

Even after just a few strokes of massage, you will feel how quickly the muscles and fascia relax and how the circulation improves.

Self Massage

Having a massage treatment is an enjoyable experience, however, with the stressful lives we live in this modern society, it is also a necessity. It is not always convenient or possible to get an appointment with a massage therapist, osteopath or physiotherapist when we need one. Most of us are guilty of ‘putting things off’ and procrastinating when it comes to our health and well-being.

So no excusses! You can use the Mitts in the shower or with oils to rub away the tension of the day or to treat minor musculoskeletal tension pains before they evolve into a more chronic condition.

Work related postural aches and pains can accumulate in your upper back, neck and shoulders and cause stiffness in our lower back and neck.

Using the Mitts ‘little and often’ will help you support your overall health.


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Design Features

The massage mitts are designed and patented GB2543361 by a qualified state registered chartered physiotherapist.
The flexibility of the mitts makes it easy to follow the contours of the body...



The massage mitts provide the ultimate relaxation massage, to help you unwind and de-stress. Reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone and texture and promote healing and flexibility by stimulating...


The Simple Science

The Massage Mitts provide an increased textured surface area to improve sensory data for the brain to decode and reprogram the congested or altered configerations of the soft tissue within...


How to Use

When used, even for just a few minutes three times a week, you will feel the reduction of soft tissue tension and physical stress that has accumulated in your body.
The mitts can be used In the shower and bath with shower gel or a capful of oil...


Massage Techniques

Use the Massage Mitts with the simple massage techniques of stroking and effleurage, gentle kneading, wringing and skin rolling. You can also include deeper soft tissue, sport massage, compression, pressure and squeezing techniques...


Massage Routines

Massage Mitts have a host of benefits for different parts of the body. Massage routines include face, head and neck, joint massage, abdominal/visceral massage and leg, thigh and calf. Other massage routines include the...